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Legal Help

It can be very difficult to be in a position where you are having to consider getting legal advice to deal with harassment, discrimination or other unjust or unfair treatment due to your disability.  As detailed in the section on How to cope when being challenged/discriminated against, it is often far better to try to resolve the matter in another way.  However, there are times when these approaches won’t resolve the issues and you have no other choice but to consider seeking legal advice


The following are all websites which will help to provide you with advice and facts regarding employment legislation.  For advice regarding what your rights as a disabled employee are, please refer to our Employment support section

You may also find it helpful to refer to Chapter 3, page 59 of Welcomed and Valued: Responsibilities of employers and employment law

Disability Rights UK are able to provide you with advice over the phone but their website also has a number of fact-sheets that may be of help


The Citizens Advice Bureau have this useful web page which gives information about what to do before taking legal action, how to gather information about your case, taking legal action including time limits and what you will need to produce for a court of law

Scope discuss how to find legal help and also how this may be funded

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