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What to do in the event of a new diagnosis

If you receive a significant diagnosis as a medical student or doctor (at any stage of your career), it can be overwhelming and very difficult to know what to do in terms of your career.  We suggest using the following advice as a guide in such circumstances as to what steps you should take:

New significant diagnosis


If not already taken, arrange to take some time off studies/work by speaking to your own GP.  Seek the support of your GP regarding how you feel you are coping, any questions you may have, etc.  Inform your medical school/employer/HR via the usual sick leave reporting procedure.


Spend time with family/personal support network coming to terms with the news and it’s implications.  Refer to the link to medical advice/support groups for sources of information/support to facilitate this.



         Medical Student                                                           Training doctor                                            Non-training post/post CCT

        Inform your medical                                       Request a meeting with your TPD,                             Inform HR at your trust/line

     school via your personal                              Clinical/educational supervisor to discuss              manager and discuss need for OH

  tutor/sub-dean. Discuss your                          diagnosis, implications for future and                        review and your current needs

 needs now, future implications                        your current needs.  Also the need for                          plus future implications

     and need for OH review                                                       OH review.


                       Refer to Occupational Health (OH) section for advice on what to ask/how to prepare for OH review


    If career advice is needed                           Discuss with your TPD/Royal College/                      Discuss with Royal College/GMC if

    contact University careers                       foundation school lead/deanery school lead                  unable to continue in practice/

    service and consider their                          regarding advice on career progression                         current speciality and needing

   pastoral support/counselling                      and choices if needed.  Local Training                          advice regarding this.  LTEB may

 services for additional support.                    and Education Board (LTEB) may also be                              also be able to help.

  Specific medical school career                                  able to help with this.                                  

    advice may be available from

   Institute of Medical Education

 or Director of Student Education

  or similar.  The student office

 at your school should be able to

    advise you who to contact.

First Aid
Woman & Doctor

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