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Appraisal and Revalidation

Clearly, having a chronic illness/disability can create issues when it comes to appraisal and revalidation.  Having to take unscheduled time off sick for example may impact upon your ability to achieve the required CPD to successfully pass your annual appraisal.  This can be especially problematic if you are in the final appraisal year of your revalidation cycle.  There is specific advice regarding what to do if this is the case on the HEE website but it is not very detailed.

We would always urge you to try to foresee potential problems with appraisal/revalidation and act proactively.  So if you have taken a considerable amount of time off sick in any given year and you feel this is likely to impact upon your amount of CPD or other requirements for that years appraisal, contact your appraiser or Responsible Officer well in advance to discuss this.  Don’t wait until you fail an appraisal to discuss this. 


If you fail your last appraisal in your revalidation cycle then you could find yourself in a very stressful position of having threats to terminate your employment due to failure to revalidate. 

For other queries relating to appraisal and revalidation, you could refer to the HEE Website FAQ's.

You could also contact the GMC Revalidation team with any specific queries or concerns:

GMC Website - Revalidation 


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